Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Weekend Full of Emotions

  I like my emotions tucked away in the back of my head but these last few days have forced them out in a way that has sent my head spinning.  Friday started as a normal day around here.  I got the kids to school, did what needed to be done here at home and headed out to my middle son's class to help them finish a service project they were working on. After finishing up with that and then picking up my other child, all of us headed home.  My husband pulled in the driveway just a few moments after us.  My son who raced to the front of the house to be first, hollers back that there is wood all over the porch and the door is open.  My husband goes to check and hollers back for me to call the police. We had been robbed. The seconds it took for the police to answer seemed like much longer than it was.  As we made our way inside through our now broken door, we saw a mess. TV gone, stuff attached to it broken.  We made it into our bedroom to see dresser drawers pulled out and stuff thrown everywhere.  I wanted to cry when I saw how they had disrespected our home and taken our things.  Our kids were scared, in fact one son is sleeping with a baseball bat 2 days later.  My youngest included in her prayers that she doesn't want the  bad guys to  come back and take our stuff again.  It's almost funny if it wasn't true but after having a stranger invade your home and take your things you then have to invite the police who you don't know to come in to your home and take pictures. At one moment I thought about asking him if I could clean up the mess before he took the pictures but I know that wasn't the point. Folks I have cried, I have been angry, I have sat on the couch and sulked. And this has been just in the last couple of days. I like to have control.  Control is comforting to me and this weekend has sent me completely out of control.  I made a frustrated post on facebook about all the happenings in our life. What I got in return was an overwhelming amount of well wishes and love. Those well wishes helped me remember that what matters in not our stuff but each other. I also have learned  that family is blood but family also comes in the form of friendship. Neighbors who rush home to check on you, friends who call on you, friends who stop to hug you, and friends who help in so many ways.  Family is those who are there for you when you don't ask them to. They are there for you because they want to be.  I come from a large family but I have  found that my family is much larger than I ever imagined.  As I head to take care of some paperwork Monday due to what the thieves did, I am reminded that no matter what they took, they didn't win. I am reminded that good trumps evil.  We are surrounded by family and friends who love us and who we love, which means we are blessed.  And that is something that no one can take from us.  To my family and friends, know that we value your friendship and it is an honor to know each and every one of you.


  1. Oh my goodness! Prayers for peace of mind for your family.

  2. That would make me panic too. What I am thankful is that nobody is home and you are all safe. Prayers to all.

  3. That would make me panic too. What I am thankful is that nobody is home and you are all safe. Prayers to all.